• Insulated Storage Tank TJV-120A - 119 Gallon 5-yr Limited Warranty

    Insulated Storage Tank TJV-120A - 119 Gallon 5-yr Limited Warranty
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    SKU:  TJV-120-A Brand:  AO Smith 

    A.O. Smith factory insulated and jacketed commercial glasslined hot water storage tank.  Ideal for use with gas-fired copper heat exchanger equipment for storage of potable water up to 180 degrees F.  Glass lining is fused to the steel for years of corrsion protection and dependable use.  Insulation meets or exceeds R12.5 minimum thermal insulation requirements of ASHRAE/EISNA 90.1.

    Five year limited tank warranty

    Specifications: 119 gallon storage capacity; 28" diameter, 61-3/4" height; Wt 420 Lbs.

    Manuals:  Spec Sheet

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