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AO Smith Control Board 21012821-Sep-2017

AO Smith Control Board 210128: If you are looking for a control board for an AO Smith Genesi..

New AO Smith ATX-199 Commercial Water Heater08-Aug-2017

The new ATX-199 has been added to the AO Smith commercial water heater line. The new ATX-199 is..

New AO Smith CT-199 Commercial Water Heater08-Aug-2017

AO Smith has introduced the CT-199 commercial tankless water heater. The new CT-199 features a ..

AO Smith Cyclone Upgrades30-May-2017

AO Smith has announced the new upgraded Cyclone series of water heaters. The BTH-120, BTH-150, ..

Lochinvar Nobel Fire Tube Boiler30-May-2017

Lochinvar Corporation has announced the introduction of the new Noble Fire Tube Combination wate..

AO Smith BTH Common Venting Expanded16-May-2017

AO Smith has expanded the ability to common vent its Cyclone water heater up to three heaters. ..

AO Smith ATI540P15-Feb-2017

AO Smith has announced the launch of the new ATI540P which includes a built in circulating pump...

AO Smith XP High Efficiency Water Heater Launch16-Jan-2017

AO Smith has added eight new commercial high efficiency water heaters to their continually expan..

Tech Tip - Electric Elements20-Sep-2016

Dry-fired elements are more common than most people think. It only takes a few seconds to ..

LTE-66D and LTE-120D AO Smith Commercial Electric Water Heater19-Apr-2016

AO Smith announces the launch of the new LTE-66D and LTE-120D Light Service Commercial Elec..

AO Smith New BT-6021-Mar-2016

AO Smith announced the release of the new BT-60 commercial gas fired water heater. The new AO S..

LTE-80D AOSmith New Commercial Water Heater09-Feb-2016

AO Smith announces the launch of the new LTE-80D Light Service Commercial Electric Water Heater ..

AOSmith Quick Ship Program04-Feb-2016

AO Smith has added propane models to its 24 Hour Emergency Replacement Program. Not all models ..

AOSmith BTH Common Venting04-Jan-2016

AO Smith BTH Cyclone high efficiency gas water heaters can now be common vented. AOSmith has de..


AO Smith announces the introduction of a new short 50 gallon electric water heater - Model ENLB-..

AO Smith Training09-Nov-2015

Don't have time to visit the AO Smith plant in Tennessee for formal training. Watch their compl..

Prepare for Winter09-Nov-2015

Winter is quickly approaching. Be sure your Lochinvar Boiler and AO Smith Boiler are ready to k..

Energy Standards Change05-Dec-2014

Effective April 2015, the residential water heater market will change as a result of the new NAE..

New Modulating Cyclone® Mxi High Efficiency Commercial Gas Models19-Jun-2014

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new line of Cyclone Mxi modulating high–effic..

NEW AO Smith Cyclone12-Jun-2014

AO Smith Water Products Company will launch the new Cyclone Mxi design BTH models effective mid ..

Legionella - ASHREA Standard #18811-Oct-2013

Building owners, operators, and facility managers should read the guidelines and information pro..

New Crown Boiler07-Oct-2013

Crown Boiler is excited to announce the launch of its new light commercial boiler, the Series 16..

25C Tax Credits Reinstated - Get up to a $300!16-Jan-2013

WASHINGTON - Legislation that Congress passed and President Obama signed into law to avoid the s..

WHD Launches New Website11-Nov-2012

Water Heater Distributors has rolled out a new website designed to make it easy to find the best..

Get a Quote Online or Call for Immediate Service31-May-2011

You can now write about your latest news, announcements and much more. When a customer clicks th..

WHD Can Ship Coast-to-Coast. COMPETITIVELY!31-May-2011

You can now write about your latest news, announcements and much more. When a customer clicks the li..

WHD Celebrates 53 Years in Business!31-May-2011

You can now write about your latest news, announcements and much more. When a customer clicks th..